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Scott Sommer is an internationally recognized alternative healthcare practitioner, nutritionist and acupuncturist. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Nutritional Science from UC Davis in 1994 and Master of Science degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine in 1998. For over twenty years he has been seeing more than 100 patients a week at the NLC in Orangevale, Ca.
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About the Natural Life Center
8788 Greenback Lane Suite 104
Orangevale, CA 95662
Phone: (916) 989-0700
Fax: (916) 293-9659
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • 1. How did I get so sick? - Think about when you felt fantastic and when that changed for you? Something changed your condition. The world is full of toxins, many of which are unknown to the general public. There are three major causes of disease; toxins (metals, chemicals, radiation, GMO , emf etc...), infections (hidden viruses, bacteria, parasites, candida, etc...), electrical blocks (external and Internal scars). 
  • 2. What makes your clinic different? - Our unique mission combines ancient wisdom with modern technology to achieve optimal wellness for families. We help people avoid drugs and surgery using food as medicine, natural herbal therapy and whole foods supplements.
  • 3. What's the difference between vitamins and whole food supplements? - There are three different types of supplements that exist in the world. The first type is purely synthetic. You can tell because it doesn't say something like "apple", "carrot" or "beet root" in the ingredients list... instead it will say something like "ascorbic acid" (synthetic Vitamin C). The second type of supplements are mixed synthetic with whole foods. This is done mainly as a marketing technique. The last type of supplement is a whole food supplement. You can tell because the concentrations of nutrients are much lower then the average dietary recommendations and they contain real food sources.
  •  4. How long will it take before I feel better? - Some stressors such as viruses, bacteria and yeast can take just a few months to resolve and others can take six months to year even two years such as parasites and Lyme disease. The general rule is most patients feel a difference with their program between 1 to 3 months.
  • 5. Do I have to follow my program perfectly to feel better? - Following a personalized wellness program from the NLC is like getting an education; the more you put into it the more you get out of it. What would you be willing to do to feel great on a daily bases?
  • 6. How much will it cost me for each visit and for supplements? - The basic charges range from $150 for new patient testing, follow up visits are $35- $45 for follow-up testing, and supplements range from $120 - $300 a month based on the severity of your condition.
  • 7. Are there any concerns with these supplements and drugs which I'm taking currently? - Scott is trained in herbal and drug interactions which are very minimal if any. There are more concerns with drug to drug interaction.
  • 8. What should I do with the drugs I'm on currently and should I stop them? - It is important to never start or stop a medication I did not prescribe. As your body begins to heal we send you back to your doctor to reevaluate drug necessity.
  • 9. Should I tell my doctor that I'm seeing you and what should I tell him if he asks especially if he says to stop taking supplements? - Scott can work directly with your doctor to eliminate unnecessary drugs and avoid unnecessary surgeries.
  • 10. How safe are the supplements you're recommending and are there any side effects? - Scott has searched the whole world over for the purest and safest whole food supplements. Most of the herbal formulas come from Australia with the highest standard in the world. It is not uncommon for patients to experience a healing crisis while starting a supplement program such as increased bowel movements, slight nausea or headaches etc... These programs promote detox and healing which may feel uncomfortable at first. This is completely normal and goes away as the body heals.
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